Partnerships are one of our core strategic assets. We work with collaborators, industry leaders and partners to strengthen and grow our entrepreneurial ecosystem to facilitate more exciting entrepreneurial journeys. Moreover, using biz-based and IP-based decisional approach, QUALIS sets the global standard for developing quality in disruptive innovative products.

QUALIS wants to contribute to making a difference in people’s lives.

The four co-founders, all entrepreneurs themselves, had the idea to build a network that would empower doctors and other entrepreneurs as well to fulfill their business ideas in a flexible and open manner, breaking through the complexity and moving innovation forward.
Everyone deserves to live a good life. We envision a society in which people can lead healthy and productive lives, social inequalities can be reduced and companies can contribute to making all this possible by providing a higher quality of solutions.

New thinking required to discover unmet needs and create high-impact and successful products that matter to people.

At QUALIS, we believe being innovative does not only mean inventing. Innovation can mean changing your business model, adding value and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services globally.

by QUALIS team